British Water Ski Malibu Boats European Championships Falcon of Lincon
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The 2001 Malibu European Championships. - Results

Final Mens and Ladies overall Results (scores) - Sunday

Final Mens and Ladies overall Results (points) - Sunday

Final Mens Jump Results - Sunday

Final Ladies Jump Results - Sunday

Final Mens Slalom Results - Sunday

Final Ladies Slalom Results - Sunday

Final Mens Tricks Results - Saturday

Final Ladies Tricks Results - Saturday

Complete Ladies Jump Results - Saturday

Complete Mens Overall Results - Saturday

Complete Ladies Overall Results - Saturday

Complete Mens Tricks Results - Saturday

Complete Mens Jump Results - Friday

Complete Ladies Tricks Results - Friday

Complete Ladies Slalom Results - Friday

Complete Mens Slalom Results - Friday

Ladies Jump Series 3 only

Mens Tricks Series 3 only

Mens Slalom Series 3 and 4 only

Ladies Slalom Series 3 and 4 only

Team Overall

Team Jump

Team Tricks

Team Slalom

Mens Jump Series 3 only

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