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30th November 2003 Here are the final team positions.


Click here for a report on Sundays final day of skiing.

30th November 2003 Overall medals, well done Jimmy and Regina.

I do not have the results for the team event, but we can safety say that USA will take the gold.

Will get a report on line about the final day, but I think all the info is on this page for you.

Finally, I produced these pages for this event because I wanted too! I was not paid or asked.

I want to thank every body that took the trouble to look and hope you received a quality service.

With just over 6000 page views on this page alone on Sat & Sun I think this proves that it MUST be a condition of the event contract in 2004 that web coverage is agreed.

Ryan DODD  
MIRANDA Rodrigo  

30th November 2003 Just the mens overall jump final to go now.

Lovely jumping from Jimmy Siemers to make it the double for USA again in world overall titles.

Please bear in mind that these results are unofficial and my be subject to review by the judges, without telling me!!

30th November 2003 Overall finals under way.

Regina needed 43.6m and secured the overall title with 46.4m.

LUCINE Clementine  
BENZEL Tarah  

Click here for all the girls overall results.

30th November 2003 Next events are the overall finals coming soon.

30th November 2003 With Jimmy SIEMERS setting a 69.0m jump, Ryan tried hard, but just couldnt get there.

Jimmy SIEMERS 69.0m (226 ft)
Ryan DODD 67.8m (222 ft)  
William ASHER 60.9m (200 ft)  

30th November 2003 Click here for all the mens jump final results.

30th November 2003 After a shaky first round Jimmy SIEMERS will have to set a substantial target for Canadian Ryan DODD to catch. I suspect that a 73m new world record jump will do it!!

The home fans will be cheering for Rodrigo MIRANDA who has also made it into the overall final later on.

Stay on line for results as they are called. Just keep refreshing the screen.

30th November 2003 47.0m with her 1st jump and 48.8m with her third. Not enough for Regina JAQUESS to catch the 1st every Girls 21 and under world jump champion Kelly BOWEN from Australia with 49.5m.

Kelly BOWEN 49.5m (162 ft)
Regina JAQUESS 48.8m (160 ft)  
Stinne SONDERGAARD 47.7m (156 ft)  

30th November 2003 Click here for all the girls jump final results.

29th November 2003 Click here for a report on Saturdays skiing.

29th November 2003 Thats all the events done for today. In the morning we start with the 2 jump finals, same 2 favourites for that. In the afternoon to round things off are the overall finals.

29th November 2003 Whitney MCCLINTOCK came good in the final to get herself the bronze. Regina JAQUESS set a score of 7000 points, not her best by far, but enough to fend off Tarah BENZELs score of 6960.

Once again a world title is decided by a side slide!! Just goes to show how important that little trick is!!

Regina JAQUESS 7 000 Points
Tarah BENZEL 6 960 points  
Whitney MCCLINTOCK 6 600 points  

29th November 2003 Maintaining his cool right to the end Jimmy Siemers pulls out nearly 11K to take the trick title well on his way to the overall. Also have the overall positions in the results above.

There is an overall final on Sunday pm, so you can see who is through along with Jimmy and Regina!!

Jimmy SIEMERS 10 680 Points
Aaron RATHY 9 110 points  
Joffrey MALAQUIN 8 430 points  

29th November 2003 No one can touch the mighty Will Asher, outstanding skiing by this youngster from England. Will set 3 @ 10.25m with 2 to go and they could not run that 10.75m pass under pressure.

Please remember that all results are unofficial.

William ASHER 3 @ 10.25m
Matteo IANNI 4 @ 10.75m  
Ty OPPENLANDER 3 @ 10.75m  

29th November 2003 Great start for Matteo IANNI, 1st to run 11m in the final and set a target for the other with 4.00 @ 10.75m.
4.00 @ 11m for Jimmy at the moment, but the judges want to look at his 12m pass again!!

29th November 2003 Girls slalom final medal winners in the closest of finishes.
Must mention Jamie METCALFE who scores the same as Nicole ARTHUR in the final, but got a lower score in the prelims.

Regina JAQUESS 3 @ 11.25m
Michelle SIMPSON 2.5 @ 11.25m  
Nicole ARTHUR 2 @ 11.25m  

29th November 2003 Girls slalom final under way now with early leader Kelly BOWEN scoring 1.50 @ 12m

29th November 2003 Mens jump series one so far

Jimmy SIEMERS makes the final, but only makes one jump scoring 63.2m. Full results later.

29th November 2003 Mens jump series one so far

Eric MARBERG 56.9m, Lance GREEN 58.4m, Aurelien SERRAULT 63.0m and the leader so far Ryan DODD with a lake record of 67.0m (220 feet)

29th November 2003 Just an update of some of the score in the mens jump as they come in,

Series one scores so far; James DONALD 51.0m, Matteo D'ALBERTO 54.6m and Arturo TORRES-MEDINA 53.5m.

29th November 2003 Just an update of some of the score in the mens jump as they come in, Leading at the moment is Juan MORERA from Spain with 52.1m. Series one jump still to go.

28th November 2003 Just got the results in for todays events, the girls jump and mens tricks.

As expected, Regina Jaquess posted the top jump with 47.7m (157 feet) with Clementine Lucine in second place with 46.2m (152 feet)

Click here for the full list of jump results.

An easy ride in tricks for Jimmy Siemers 10 200. Jimmy would have qualified for the final with his second pass alone!! Best of the rest was Joffrey Malaquin with 8540. Chris Sumner was down in 6th place falling early on his second pass scoring 7380.

Click here for the full list of trick results.

Click here for a report on todays day of skiing.

Tomorrow is Mens Jump prelims, mens and girls slalom finals and Mens and girls trick finals.

28th November 2003 Visiting the site today, arriving by helicopter is Prince Albert of Monaco.

Prince Albert, a keen Olympic sportsman and water skier himself, attended the World Championships in Milan in 1999 where he awarded the medals for several of the finals on the Sunday.

Prince Albert will be introduced to the officials and will watch some of todays events.
Prince Albert of Monaco.

28th November 2003 Today we have mens tricks with Jimmy Siemers and Chris Sumner looking to top 10K points and the girls jump where Regina Jaquess is expected to dominate.

27th November 2003 Today saw the mens slalom and the girls tricks.

The full results can be seen on the links above and here for girls tricks.

Top of the qualifiers for the girls trick final are Tarah Benzel scoring 7380 pts in front of Clementine Lucine with 7093 pts. Current world champion and favourite for the overall here was Regina Jaquess scoring 7040 pts.

Mens slalom was a long event with the run off for the last final place going on and on. Leader is Thomas Degasperi from Italy scoring 3.50 @ 10.75m with Will Asher and Ty Oppenlander just behind on 3.00 @ 10.75m. Jimmy Siemers qualified comfortably for the final scoring an impressive 3.50 @ 11m.

Will get a report of all todays skiing on line later with some more pictures.

Click here for a report on todays day of skiing.

Click here for girls tricks results.

26th November 2003 No surprises today with Regina Jaquess on top. Click here for a report from the site on the day skiing.

Click here foe a report on todays first day of skiing.

Click here for the comple list of results.

On thursday we have the first series of mens tricks and all of the mens slalom.

22nd November 2003 Just a few days to go and the reports from the site indicate that we are going to have great conditions for the event.

The overall event is pretty much sewn up with both the current world champions competing.

Regina Jaquess is in a league of her own at this event as far as the overall is concerned and Jimmy Siemers is in the same boat.

Both will be looking to take gold in the overall and tricks and jump. Favourites for the slalom events have to be, in the mens event, current world silver medallist Will Asher and in the girls events, fellow Brit Nicole Arthur. A spanner in the works for Jimmy Siemers could be the memories from this site!! Remember back in 2001 at the America's Challenge, Jimmy broke some ribs in the jump event.

15th November 2003 British Team anounced by Performance Director, John Wood,

"This is a young team but, such is their talent, one that has already had great experience on the World stage.

Out of season events are always a problem and all of them are still at university so it has been a problem keeping them on the water but we hope we have been able to put together a well structured programme that will give them every opportunity of the podium."

Click here for the full story

11th November 2003 IWSF release event bulletin, Click here to see it.

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