17:50 4th September 2004 After loosing the handle through the exit gates on 10.75m Andy allowed Chris Parrish to take the British Open win.

16:50 4th September 2004 Karen Truelove wins the run off.

16:40 4th September 2004 Karen Truelove and Emma Sheers in a run off now for first place.

15:15 4th September 2004 Womens final now under way.

15:15 4th September 2004 So Jodi Fisher, Drew Ross and Glenn Campbell get the last 3 places in the mens final.

14:30 4th September 2004 6 way run off now in this order Jodi Fisher, Fabio Ianni, Steve Cockeram, Matteo Ianni, Drew Ross and Glenn Campbell all looking for the last 3 places in the mens final.

Start speed for the run off is 11.25m

12:10 4th September 2004 Mens prelims now under way.

11.45 4th September 2004 Sarah Gatty Saunt and Clementine Lucine both run the 12m pass with sarah getting into the final with 3.00 @ 11.25m. Next up 12:00 is the mens prelims.

11.30 4th September 2004 So 4 skiers looking for the last final place Rhoni Barton, Jennifer Leachman, Sarah Gatty Saunt and Clementine Lucine.

That's the order they go out in, starting in a few minutes starting on the 12m line.

11.20 4th September 2004 With emma left to ski we have 4 skiers on 2.00 @ 11.25m, so it looks like a run off for the last final positions.

4th September 2004 We have added another link above. This will take you to the live scores page. This page will refresh itself every 90 seconds, so just sit back and enjoy the action.

3rd September 2004 Start list for tomorrow now online, click on the button above. Heres an update on the weather forecast for tomorrow: Sunshine along with some passing clouds. Warm. High 81F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph.

2nd September 2004 Saturdays timetable announced as below. The Weather in London today is sunny and hot. The forecast for Saturday is: partly cloudy. Warm. High 82F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph.

 Time   Round   Event   Skiers  
 10:00   Preliminary Round    Women     
 11:15   Preliminary Round    Men    
 14:00   Final Round    Women   6 skiers 
    Womens Presentation       
 14:45   Final Round    Men    8 skiers  
    Mens Presentation       

1st September 2004 These pages are unofficial web pages for the event produced by planetwaterski.com, for the official British Water Ski and World Cup web sites, you can click on the links on the right.

The entry list is taken from the list of skiers who have registered to ski at the event and on Friday will be replaced by the official starting order, which is usually in the reverse order to the current rankings list positions.

31st August 2004 The next stop of the World Cup is from Thorpe Park in London, The British Open for one day only on the 4th September 2004.

This years event is slalom only and The Mapple Machine will be there to run his final UK slalom pass in front of a huge crowd that will pack the famous banks.

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